Sunday, October 5, 2014


There's one thing about me that I hope will never change.  I want to be a writer.  I want to get paid enough to justify writing as a full time job.  It's a dream a lot of people have, probably just as many people as aspiring actors or musicians or artists, but each of those people have their own version of their dream.  And in my version, I'm successful and taken seriously as a professional writer.

So a lot of what I do and think about (and far as gadgets go, anyway) ties into my desire to be a writer.  Take today for instance.  I spent over an hour finishing up the audiobook "Write Every Day" while I fed my baby some carrots and mango at the park as my older daughter played on her make-believe pirate ship and threw Elsa overboard every few minutes.  Afterward we all got in the car and went shopping for shoes for me (nothing to do with writing, but it was an exhausting I couldn't leave it out of today's details).  I finished the audiobook then decided to create a chart in OneNote so I could start keeping track of what I do with my time everyday (a suggestion from the book).

So that's a small snapshot of the weeklong schedule I've broken down into 15 minute increments.  Doing this is suggested so I can start managing my time better.  I might sound like I'm mocking this idea, but I'm really not.  I have a feeling it'll help me to see exactly where my time has gone.  I always feel so busy, but am I really?  And it'll hopefully help me find time that I can start dedicating to writing.  

That chart took me almost a full hour to make.  The table function in OneNote sucks so I created what I wanted in Excel (had to start from scratch once, the original was broken down into 10 minute increments but it was too long to fit in the OneNote document...according to OneNote).  OneNote lets you insert a table/chart/spreadsheet from Excel, so viola.  I hope I keep up with it.  If nothing else, it'll be helpful as a scheduler.  

I had planned to write tonight...get back into my finished manuscript and continue editing it again...but now it's so late and I spent all this time writing in this blog and making that damn scheduler.  I am falling asleep on the couch so I need to just give up for the day. 

And the weekend is over :(

Latest post-it...the others are still there, I just missed this one last week:

Am I judging myself?  I hope not.  

Maybe I am?

Either way, I'm going to bed now.  See you tomorrow in the 9:45 or 10 pm block.  

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