Sunday, October 19, 2014

So Sad it's Sunday Night

I hate this time of week more than any other (most weeks).  Tonight is no exception.  It was such a terrific two days.  A few hours ago I completed my fastest run ever.  Sub 10-minute mile 3 miles in a row.  Finished in 29:49.  I had the treadmill set at 6.2 mph for the first 2.5 miles, then turned it up to 6.3 to finish the last half.  I think the first minute or so really screwed up the finish time because I have to slowly work up to full speed or the thing starts slipping.

My husband and I spent about an hour today figuring out what we want to do about our cell phone situation...we think we're switching to Verizon, which makes no difference to me.  We've been on AT&T for forever.  Since back with they were the only ones that carried the iPhone.  God I'm old.  I think one of the things that makes me feel even older is that I feel like 10 years isn't that long (I was remembering something from when I was 21 and my first reaction to that thought was that it wasn't really that long ago).

Okay, I'm too tired tonight to write anymore.  I wrote today...two days in a row!  Working on a new new first chapter (third attempt at rewriting the beginning...adding a little meet-cute...hoping this one sticks).

Good night.

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