Friday, October 17, 2014

Mercury is in Retrograde

Yes, I sound crazy, but hear me out.  A friend of mine at work said this to me a couple of weeks ago and it has been in the back of my mind ever since.  Especially with all of the annoying little things that have been making me crazy since my husband left for his four-week training.  My whole family came down with a terrible bug that kept us out of work/school for about 4 days...I signed up for a gym plan that backfired and I thought was resolved but wasn't (they called me today and we had a battle about the refund, which I won, but only after an hours worth of stressful negotiation)...the keyboard situation...and a thousand smaller things that deserve more than just this short call out but I don't have all day and my recall is worse because I've been actively trying to forget the little things these past few weeks.

At least ^^this happened and was pretty darn adorable.

I'm impressed with the way Google put a bunch of my photos together without me doing anything but take a bunch of photos in a row.  

So I can't wait until October 25th...because Mercury isn't going to be in retrograde after that.  Maybe I'll be able to salvage some sanity until then.

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