Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Well, I'm not writing tonight.  Probably mostly because of last night, but I'm going to say it's because today was jam-packed up until 9 pm.  Including the episode of Castle I didn't have the energy to watch last night, it was jam-packed until 9:40.  I got up at 6:30, did my hair (it's naturally curly but I straighten it when I'm feeling like I need to have a boost in confidence, and after last night's writing disaster, it felt like a good time for it).  Then got my daughters ready for daycare and dropped them off, went to work and had an uneventful busy day at the office, picked up my girls and got home at 5:35.  Started preparations for dinner, got my older daughter set up with some markers and paper and TV while I got my younger one in her pack n' play and changed into running clothes.  Got on the treadmill at around 5:50 and ran for ONE HOUR.  I got off around the 30 minute mark to move my baby from the pack n' play, where she was crying, to the high chair with a snack where she could see the TV her sister was watching (did I mention I've recently resigned from the running for mom of the year?).  Got the oven preheated and jumped back on the treadmill.  Went for about 10 minutes and got back off to get the chicken in the oven and then back on the treadmill for the final 20ish minutes bringing me to 1 full hour and 5.3 miles.

So I can see why runners give long winded recaps of their races...I looked forward to writing about my run all night.  I'm proud of myself for going so long but also for my exceptional multi-tasking skills.  After the run and dinner I gave my younger daughter a bath and got her to bed.  Then told the older one to go to bed (she's been doing really well with bedtime lately, knock on wood) and took a shower, then did the dishes, took out the recycling, did some work that I didn't have a chance to finish at the office earlier and finally sat down with a beer and my episode of Castle.  And here I am.  So fuck you writing...I'm not doing you tonight.  (That's really the second beer talking).

Did I mention yet that I lifted yesterday so it hurts when I stand up or sit down?  Like, a lot? To the point where I'm waiting to pee until I can't stand it, then I cringe when I sit on the toilet?  And I had this muscle soreness before my hour long run tonight.  I figure I'll survive.  I drank a lot of water...it'll go away soon enough.

So now that it's 10:15 and well past my bedtime, I'm going to close up and call it a night.

Maybe tomorrow night I'll figure out if I still want to be a writer?

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