Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What to do...

Part of me wants to start a new book from scratch, write something totally different from what I typically do, go as fast as I can without dwelling or overthinking any of it.  Another part of me wants to go back to the book I finished, wrap up the last rewrites of the first two chapters and edit the entire manuscript a third time, and the last part of me wants to continue on the project I started several months ago--a project I really enjoyed working on and I see a lot of potential in.  There are pros and cons to each option...I'll add them here:

Starting something new
Starting fresh is really enticing
Could very likely just end up added to the ever growing list of unfinished projects
I really want to dive into character building and starting fresh could help me learn and practice
I feel like I’ve tried this a million times
Of the three choices, I like this one the best (is that a pro? I guess?)
I’m so busy with life and jewelry and work, especially with the holidays coming up—since this con will go on all three lists, I probably shouldn’t even list it here

Finishing EP Manuscript
Could get ready to send out to agents again
Am I wasting my time on something I’ll never feel satisfied with?
I could finally get it right
It always depresses me with writing, makes me feel like I should just give up this dream so working on it might be toxic
Could get published

Finishing Newer Project
I really enjoy the plot and world and idea
Keep hitting walls with the plot and wondering if the whole thing is going to work
I’ve already got it all outlined (for the most part)
Discouragement from ^^ makes me want to stop working on it
I’ve been working on the idea for a while

Ugh...just trying to come up with the pros and cons list sucked all the energy out of me.  Since I'm now exhausted, I think I'll take advantage of it and go to sleep since I've been having trouble falling asleep the past few nights.  And since my dog ate my dinner already tonight, I don't have to feed him his.  Great, there's a silver lining in everything.  Sadly, the above pros and cons lists didn't help me determine which I'm going to choose.  I'll revisit the issue another time.  Good night..

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