Sunday, July 5, 2015

God Damn Scorpions

One sure-fire way to ruin a nice vacation...find two scorpions in your bathroom, then three more throughout the in the kid's room.  And they're not those scary but harmless ones, they're the fucking Arizona bark scorpions, which can cause some horrible reactions in young people or old people...and so since I'm a mother of two young people, I'm pretty much chilled numb with fear for my kids.  Luckily they're ignorantly going on with their lives while I sit here forcing myself to stop doing internet searches and mentally block images of all the scorpions that are probably lurking just out of reach of one of my kids.  And I try not to expect the screaming wail from one of the girls.

And I'm failing at all of these things..I just spent almost 2 hours online researching stuff and posting back and forth on Facebook with people who've had personal experiences.  I just want a bunch of people to say "I've been stung, it's nothing!  So have my infant children and they're just fine!" but no one is saying that...

With 5 in my house in one night, I expected a lot more personal sting stories from people...but nope...a lot of people are saying they've lived here their whole lives and haven't seen any...assholes.

Fucking scorpions.  Gonna pack up the kids and move the hell out of the desert...not soon enough.  For today, I'll pack them up and take them to lowes so I can get some diatomaceous earth.  Steve's calling the exterminators.  Fuckers.

Okay, rant over.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vacation is Almost Over :(

This was the fastest week known to man.  I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday and I can't deny that it makes me very very sad.  I think it has to do a lot with the fact that I jam packed this week full of almost everything I could think to do with free time.  We did a million family things, I listened to a full audio book (on my new iPod Nano...because I'm irresponsible with money and gadgets), made a ton of jewelry and listed a bunch of it on my Etsy shop, drank almost every night, ate way too much, even started brainstorming ideas for a writing project.  If I could fit more 'relaxing' things into this week, I'd be exhausted.  I am kind of exhausted because despite the eating and drinking, I exercised almost every day too...some days more than once.

So now I'm going to go open another beer (because it is the 4th of July, after all) and enjoy this last evening before a day off ...tomorrow will involve cleaning the house and getting my mindset back into the gainfully employed attitude.

Before I go...a couple of follow up photos of the jewelry stuff...

See?  All silver now.  Love that white copprclay!

Why don't more people make memory wire rings?  They're awesome (imho).