Thursday, October 30, 2014

Note 4 Preparation

My husband and I are waiting a ridiculously long time to get our new phones.  I'm so mad about it.  I blame the iPhone 6 and Apple.  He ordered it from the Verizon store, which is essentially ordering it online, so the estimated shipping date isn't until November 14th.  The Note 4 is ready to ship already, but because we're starting a new service, we're pretty sure they're shipping them together.  And the idiots in the Verizon store all seemed convinced that I'd get my phone right away regardless of whether we're starting a new service.  I've got no actual proof that they're wrong, except that it's been a week since we placed the order and I should have received it by now, and because of the fact that the order status ambiguously reports that our order has been received and will ship on November 14.  First off, there are two phones so I wish it'd specify that in the details, if there were details, which there aren't.  I just want my new phone.  I've been stalking it online for months now.  I'm so sad I have to wait another two weeks because of Apple.  Damn you Apple.

So I got a case for it:

Couldn't do without the wallet feature...and this one was the most similar to the incipo ones I always get for my iPhones.  Unfortunately, this one only has room for two cards, but I'll have to get used to it. 

And I got a new running/fanny pack:

I'm hoping the phone fits in it.  It's a really big phone.

So one of these days I'll actually get to use the damn phone.  I just saw a commercial for it...advertising the camera.  I'm such a dork.  I can't help it.

Time for the baby to nurse/go to bed.

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