Friday, October 10, 2014

Such a long week...

Today felt productive, I was able to get a lot of work done that I've been working on in pieces over the past few weeks, so it felt nice to see the end of some projects.  Plus it's a Friday and this is always my favorite time of week...the evening kicking off two days of slightly less responsibility (if you count having to chase around two kids for 8 more hours per day as having 'less responsibility').  I'm still sans husband so I'm going to buy myself a bottle of wine for the weekend and possibly rent a movie on Apple TV.

Last night I took my girls in the jogging stroller for a short/easy run.  I ended up doing 2 miles then struggling to find a place to stop so I could let my 4 year old out to run sprints with me but I didn't get outside with them until it was already almost dark (I'm annoyed at how early the sun goes down now that it's finally nice weather here in Arizona).  We broke the rules and ran around in the park near our house, even though the signs clearly say it's closed after sunset.  We had fun and she burned some of her always well stocked energy.  And no one arrested us.

I searched for scorpions like a fixated treasure makes me want to take the kids out of the house as much as possible, which I find funny because I told my husband we'd probably never go anywhere (it's exhausting getting them in and out of car seats).


was right outside our sliding glass door...see how his gross tail is all limp?  It was my first clue that he was already dead (not to be sexist, but I feel like all scorpions should be 'he's).  I got something to use as a weapon just in case and confirmed the fact that this one was already a goner.  It renewed my faith in having pest control come and spray along the outside.  

I'll be searching again tonight, no doubt.  Getting less sleep than I'd like for a reason I'd really rather not have to deal with.

At least I'm not losing sleep over Ebola...yet...

Happy Friday!

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