Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That's Enough of That

Eight hours...that's how much sick/vacation time I have left, thanks to the sickness that has swept through this house last week and this week.  To be fair, I only had twenty-two hours left beforehand, but it pisses me off that I'm so low on time.  We get the week off between Christmas and New Year's, and if we ever work on the weekends, we get flex time, but I don't like getting so low on time off (I need to change the subject now or I'm going to go on and on about how angry it makes me that the United States has no standardized maternity leave...it's not MY fault that I'm among the gender that must procreate to continue our species...why the fuck do I have to use all of MY sick/vacation time to stay home and care for my infant while I heal?  Fucking bullshit).

So yea...and there's still a real possibility that I won't be able to go in tomorrow either.  Today was the first real day that my older daughter had this bug and she went to bed feeling really yucky.  My younger one woke up with a cool forehead, thankfully, but I don't want to hold my breath expecting the same of my four year old tomorrow.

Okay, so some of the things I've been wanting to write about...first...

Two days ago I was taking a walk (right before knowing how sick my baby was) and (for completely unrelated reasons) felt all levels of anxiety for the whole walk.  I even talked to my four year old about it.  She told me it makes her worry that I'll yell at her (I reminded her that she won't get yelled at if she behaves) and I told her some of the things that make me worry...she and her sister being sick (irony? I can never remember what things are truly ironic and what things just make me want to label them as such), work, jewelry, my teeth (seriously).  She listened surprisingly well but I still felt that mix of anxiety preventing me from relaxing, which is something I usually have no trouble doing on a walk.  Just as I was walking down the last block before our street, I noticed a post-it taped to a lamp pole.  It said 'Be the goddess that's inside of you'.  It threw me off guard.  For one, it rained the night before...a lot...to the point where there was enough water in some of the grassy areas that kids were swimming in it.  Wouldn't the post it be ruined?  I kept walking, thinking about how odd it was but not really internalizing it (I mean, really, the goddess?).  Then I saw:

I saw that and it actually crossed my mind that some future form of me went back in time to leave me that post-it on that exact pole so I could see it when I was feeling so full of worry.  And now, after two days of sick kids (while I myself am not fully recuperated), I realize how much that post-it saved me from going into these days feeling the way I did on that walk.  Instead, I started feeling better...and I kept those words in mind during these past two days (well, maybe not last night when my 8 month old was drooling and screaming and crying and I was crying as I processed the fact that my 4 year old was also sick and I'd have to stay home with them both today, but that was just a rough moment, they happen, whatever).  

So I've survived, and so have my girls.  And we're coming out the other end, finally.  And I still have a job (I think).  And hopefully I can go to it tomorrow, because I really, really, really need to get out of this house.  

The other thing I wanted to write about tonight can wait for another time.  I started listening to a short self-help audiobook about writing (Write Every Day) and I'm really liking it.  But yea, another time.

I'm having trouble adjusting to the fact that I don't need to be doing something at this exact moment.  No crying baby, no medicine to give, no clothes to fold (it took me 2 days to fold 3 loads), I can just sit here...or get up to pee if I want to.  So...I guess..I'll go watch TV now?

Good night.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Yesterday's post was during the eye of the storm.  After nap time my little one woke up with a fever, she still isn't any better...worse actually.  And though my 4 year old made it to daycare okay, she came home feeling warm and complaining of a headache and sore throat.  Fever as well now.  Baby cried all evening and drooled from a sore throat, soaking through a bib and her shirt.  She's been waking up periodically since she went to sleep a few hours ago (very unlike her).

Something's gotta give? That's the turn of phrase I'm looking for here, isn't it?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Woohoo, feeling almost perfectly good again!

The tall glass of Sangria I had last night seemed to have done the trick (no, seriously).  I felt so much better this morning.  I was still awoken at 5 AM by my younger daughter but I was able to get another half hour of sleep after I nursed her.  Then my older daughter woke me up.  When are kids supposed to start sleeping in?  Can that start soon, please?

After getting her some milk and fruit snacks and turning on a cartoon, I laid back down for a pathetic attempt to get a little more sleep.  I ended up on Facebook on my phone, then spent some time texting with my husband and motivating myself to get my girls in the jogging stroller for a run.  Well, my first plan was to get them in the stroller to walk to the grocery store for donuts, but the 'don't be such an unhealthy piece of crap' side of my brain won over and I got on jogging capris and sneakers, nursed my younger one again, then got them outside and went for 3.2 miles.  I was VERY slow, (12 minute miles...whatever).  I'll blame the fact that pushing both girls in the stroller is tougher than it was when it was just one.  This was my first ever run with both kids...the weight in the stroller really does make it harder to push.

I'm going to cut this short so I can go make applesauce with my 4 year old.  We just saw them make it on Sid the Science Kid.  Looks like easy fun.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Still not over this bug..

I have the oddest symptoms...some are pretty scary (my chest hurts when I take a deep breath), others are normal (sore throat), and the strangest of all, everything feels extremely smooth and soft to the touch.  Anywhere my skin is touching something, it feels softer than normal.  Such a bizarre feeling.  And my older daughter woke me up at 5:45 this morning so I'm ready for sleep.

I still accomplished a lot with jewelry today and fixed the hand-me-down jogging stroller's last flat tire...took my girls for a long and pleasant walk before the storms moved through.  Took them to Target, where my older one made a scene and cried that I don't make any time for her because I was getting her sister shoes and pajamas but nothing for her.  Then we even went to the base exchange before dinner and got the 8 month old a jumper toy thing..she already loves it.


Now I need to feed Ike, then I'm calling it a day.  A productive day, so I don't even feel bad about it.  Hopefully I'll be feeling back to normal tomorrow.  I want to go for a run and if I don't go soon I might make a habit of not exercising, which is tough to break sometimes.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling better?

Yesterday was one of those days where the only thing I wanted to do all day was sleep.  I had some kind of spontaneous stomach bug that came out of no where and wiped me out.  I felt nauseous and hungry at the same time, but when I'd try to eat I'd feel sick and when I wasn't eating I had no appetite but I still felt that empty hungry feeling.  It was awful.

I was only half better today.  I had two decent meals and some smaller snacks and now I'm feeling exhausted again (but it's 10 pm, so it's probably an appropriate feeling).  I hope I shake whatever it is by tomorrow...first weekend with my girls as the sole caregiver.  I have a feeling we won't be leaving the house for the next 48+ hours, ha.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Alone

I actually have two adorable little girls and an awesome 80 lb lab/husky mix hanging out with me, but when everyone but me is asleep, I feel like it's way too quiet in this house.  Even with Real Time with Bill Maher in my face.  I've never watched this before but I'm liberal and there's literally nothing else on TV right now.  I'm keeping an open mind and it's updating me on the current events trending in the news...I feel like I have no time for anything other than kids, work and ...hey, he's coming to Arizona... jewelry.

So yea, I'm feeling busy.  I left my house this morning at 4:50 to take my husband to the airport.  Daughters came too.  Got home at 6, left again at 7 to get them to the daycare, then spent 1.5 hours driving to Chandler, AZ for a training.  Training was very informative, then went back to daycare and got back home again at 5:30.  So right now, I'm exhausted.  Too tired to write anymore.  Good night.. Sorry for the abrupt wrap up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I can't handle the stress

I went for a run this morning...3.15 miles at 11:10ish speed (not bad for me).  Then I came home for a refreshing shower.  When I was done massaging the conditioner out of my hair (following the shampoo), I moved some of my loose hair from the drain and uncovered a very unwelcome shower partner...an Arizona bark scorpion.  I think I have a bit of PTSD...I almost fell out of the shower, then screamed, then almost fainted, then pulled myself together and killed it with my face wash bottle.  I'm still shuddering.  I will be for weeks.

And my husband leaves tomorrow morning.  We're driving him to the airport extremely early and I won't see him again for FOUR WEEKS.  That's way too long.

My day job changed up a bit...we no longer have an assistant executive director, which was a sudden and unexpected change.

I hope I fall into a manageable routine with jewelry, work, daughters and house relatively easily, but I'm afraid the phrase 'not enough hours in a day' will take on new meaning for me over the next few weeks.

Maybe I'll search for a how-to for managing time more efficiently...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lots of things...

Life is about to get a bit out of whack.  Husband going away for 4 weeks for a work thing...boss quit (?) today.  Those two things are going to create such a ripple effect in my life that I can hardly think straight enough to get a grip on things.  I've got no grip at the moment.  A routine will set in, I hope quickly, but for right now, I'm just feeling like a tight clumsy jumble of anxiety.

And I still haven't exercised since last Wednesday.  Unless I get up and run with the dog in the morning or take him out tomorrow evening, I won't get to again for over 4 weeks.  I have the double jogging stroller situation worked out, I think, but I'm not as excited about that as I wanted to be.  I should be, I guess, but I'm really not in any condition to feel anything other than anxiety.  Sadly, writing about it is only mildly helping...and it's late, so I need to go to bed.

... Good night ...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double bummer.

I'm sitting on my couch in my living room.  We're home from our second annual trip to Disneyland for our daughter's birthday.  It's not so much that we're spoiling our daughter as it is that it's an easy drive to one of the happiest places on Earth, and we'll only be this close for another year or so before my husband's Air Force career takes us somewhere else.  I would probably be writing this from my bed if it weren't for the load of laundry that needed to get done tonight so our daughter can have a blanket for her nap tomorrow at daycare.

So, I didn't run or exercise at all on the trip.  Ha.  Damn it.  I did walk an average of at least 8 miles each day if my husband's google search of how many steps are in a mile was accurate.  That's almost the distance of a marathon over the whole trip.  I'm mostly just pissed at myself for missing out on the experience of exercising on the trip.

I have very fond memories of exercising on vacations. There was the time I was moving from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and drove up by myself a few days before my husband left so I could make it to a friend's wedding.  I ran on a treadmill in the crappy fitness center in a cheap Holiday Inn somewhere around the halfway point.  Afterward I had no guilt getting a nice dinner and watching a movie in my room.  And there was the time in Pennsylvania when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I got up early to run/walk on the treadmill in the impressively large fitness center in a resort while I was there for a work conference.  Memories I really cherish, and I wanted to add one of running around Downtown Disney a few times, but I was too exhausted/lazy to get out of bed either day to add it to my list.

It was a fun trip though...the birthday girl was a lot more opinionated this time and complained half the time, but our younger one was pleasant and really content to just watch people from the stroller.  I breastfed in public almost a dozen times, which was awesome.  I used to be so afraid to do that with my first go around, but I've become such a pro at it that even I can't see any of my own business while she eats, sans nursing blanket.  I just pull the nursing cami down under my shirt, lift my shirt to the perfect spot, she latches and eats and Disney guests are none the wiser.  I saw lots of other nursing mommies around too, and I always tried to make eye contact and smile.  They probably thought I was crazy.

So two Disney trips down, maybe one more to go?  We're not staying in a Disney resort again if that's the case...I think they took a couple of our arms and legs before we left.  Worse than the way airlines suck your wallet dry.

On a total side note...
I WILL NEVER BUY A FIAT.  Their commercials lately make me curse...a lot...even when my kids are in ear shot.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's 715 AM and we're heading to toon town.  I didn't exercise, sleep deprivation and exhaustion being my main excuse, but I'm seeing all these sportswear clad fit people coming back from their exercise of choice with headphones and smartphone armbands and I'm SO jealous.  Motivation to run tomorrow morning before we go? Hopefully.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disneyland Day One

It's 8:15 pm and we're relaxing in our room in candlewood Suites. Tomorrow we move to California Disney Resort in Downtown Disney. we got to Disney at around 2 pm and had a fun few hours in the park, It closed early so we didn't have to feel too bad about making our girls leave after only a little while at the park. We were grateful for the excuse to leave early.

 The car ride was kind of rough, the little one was pretty ticked most of the way. Right now im battling the older one and losing, trying to get her to stay in bed.  Im also battling wirh my asus keyboards so im going to concede.  good night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rain and other things.

It's raining buckets in Phoenix today.  Hopefully the roads don't get as out of control as they did last week.  I'm working on my list of things to pack and do before our trip tomorrow and I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as I feared I would.  For one thing, I got to run before work today (3.3 miles!  Slow pace though...however I started my run on my Nike app and then stood around stretching for a minute or two so I can tell myself the speed must have been miscalculated...right?).  That leaves tonight wide open for getting this list done.  And then we leave first thing tomorrow morning :)  I'm pretty darn excited.

Tomorrow night we're staying in a hotel about a mile from the park, but it's the same place we stayed in last year for our trip, and it's just for the first night.  Friday we'll check-in to one of the hotels in Downtown Disney and then enjoy the amenities there.

For me...I'm looking forward to the break from the job/jewelry/house stuff I deal with everyday.  I've got big plans to take exercise outfits for at least two workouts, possibly three, and I want to see about going for a run in the morning in the Downtown Disney area on Saturday morning.  I'll try the hotel gym on Friday morning maybe.  Who am I kidding, I'll be lucky if I get out of the room for one workout..haha.  I really like believing that I'll exercise/run at least twice though (maybe three times).  The walking will definitely count and will likely be the way I talk myself out of exercise.

I've got my handy little Asus tablet (love that thing), which is stocked with magazines and episodes of Castle (I seriously love that thing).  I've got my kindle, where I'm currently 60% done with Goldfinch by Donna Tart (lovely book but it's taking me FOREVER to get through it).  Plus we're driving our huge minivan, so I don't feel bad about overpacking.

So I'm excited...and in a little over 12 hours, we'll be on our way :)

Time to start packing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I was talking with a friend and I've come to a decision on what I want to do with my writing.  Though it really pains me to give up on a project, I've decided to put the current book on pause and go back to edit the previous one again one more time (haha, right).

9:10 pm

I got distracted and am just now getting a chance to finish this post.  I don't feel the same enthusiasm right now for my declaration from earlier today.  I want to, but I just don't feel like I have time for any goals in writing right now.  Of course, I write this change of heart after finally finishing a day jam packed full of a gym trip, work, wrapping presents, throwing a mini birthday party for my daughter, getting a fussy baby to bed then polishing and finishing 4 keychains so I could get them in the mail tomorrow.  I'm almost falling asleep at the table as I type this.  It's only 9:20.  And I haven't even thought of packing yet even though I plan to go for a long run tomorrow night, which only leaves me with about an hour of time to get ready for a 4 day trip with two kids and myself (my husband can pack for himself, ha).

Oh well, like I said yesterday (was it yesterday?), it is what it is.  The jewelry part of my week turned out great.  I ended up getting that package yesterday, which was terrific because I was able to fire those keychains last night.  I freakin love White CopprClay by the way.  LOVE it.  I've used it to make almost a dozen keychains so far and each one turns out terrific.  It's about a third of the cost of silver clay...maybe even a sixth of the cost?  The amount of time it takes me to make things with it is the same but the fact that the product itself is so much less expensive makes it easier for me to list larger items in my shop (like the keychains) without having to charge an arm and a leg for them.  I really need to get more creative with it now that I find it so reliable (I've had a lot of issues with White Bronze, which was my first exciting venture into a cheaper silver colored metal).

I'm rambling and I'm seriously exhausted.  Time to feed the dogs and wake my husband up so he can go from the couch to the bed.

Happy Fourth Birthday to my wonderful daughter.  I can't believe how fast this time has gone....I couldn't be more proud of her.  I always tell them both, I'm the luckiest mommy in the world.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Busy, busy, busy busy busy busy...

I have presents to wrap for my daughter's 4th birthday, floors to vacuum and mop, work to do, jewelry to make, bags to pack, exercise to be had, laundry to fold, and many more things that I can't even remember at the moment.  To sum it up, I'm stressed out.  I need to do some yoga tonight.  There's a chance I won't stop doing things until Thursday morning when I finally get to sit in a car for 5 hours driving to California.  Hopefully my husband drives.

So even after writing all the things down that I have to do (and forgetting countless others), I don't really mind it.  I can't procrastinate on anything anymore, so I know that on Thursday morning, those things I have to do will all be done (I hope...unless I screw up something with the jewelry).  All I can control is what I'm able to accomplish in the limited amount of time between now and then, and if something takes longer, so be it.  I'm not losing sleep over any of it yet.

Next week, my husband goes out of town for a whole month and I'm left to manage the house, two daughters, dog, and my full time job.  Hence my urgency to get a good double-kid jogging stroller up and running.  I'm trying to consider the pros and the cons of being a single parent for four weeks.  My husband does all the cooking and dishes, so I already feel bad for my 4 year old's nutrition level for the days where I give up and offer her something I microwaved from the freezer.

Jewelry is probably the one thing on my to do list that makes me feel overwhelmed.  I am working on a larger order and waiting for a package to come that isn't expected to be delivered until tomorrow...I need that package to finish the order, so if the pieces don't fire correctly tomorrow night I'll have to remake them in haste on Wednesday and try again Wednesday night.  That will suck.

But I can't control everything.  Hopefully things will work out but it's not the end of the world if they don't, right?

Back to the lists...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fastest 5K Ever...and slacked in all areas of my life, again

My day went really similar to the way it went yesterday.  I did eat a lot healthier though.  I had a great run this morning (despite the 4 beers and pizza/wings waking me up at 2am and threatening to come back up...somehow I willed myself to keep it down and eventually fell back to sleep).

After the run I wrote up my weekly to-do list.  Unfortunately, I only finished about half of the list because I got distracted by basically everything.  And looking back, I realize that everything I allowed to distract me fell into the exercise category of my life.  Base Exchange for running pants.  Research online for double strollers, realizing the hand-me-down in the garage will work fine.  Spending upwards of 2 hours figuring out how to use said hand-me-down and attempting to fix one of the flat tires (still not done with that...need to get a tube with an angled valve...or something).

I didn't: vacuum the floors or mop the kitchen or clean the toilets or do yoga or make the fingerprint stamp....So that part of my long list is being pushed to tomorrow before work in the morning and after work tomorrow evening.  It's going to be a busy day because buy tube with angled valve is now on the list.

At least I feel good from the run.  And I'm going to bed early, feeling fresh and hoping I can get up bright and early and knock a couple of things off that list.  Thursday morning we're packing up the vehicle and going to Disneyland for a long weekend.  I'm finally getting excited about it.  And our little baby girl is turning FOUR on Tuesday.  BUSY week ahead.  I feel like I'll working off of one mile long to-do list for the next 3 full days.

Time for that early bedtime.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

When part of my life excels, another part is neglected.

Yesterday morning was my longest consecutive run in my whole life. I ran 4.21 miles (I'm slow...it took me over 38 minutes).  I took my dog, Ike, and he kept up but I definitely wore him out.  I felt so good at the end, I thought I'd be able to add another mile or two, but I don't want to overdo it and end up with shin splints or runners knee, both of which I've gotten after adding too much, too fast (fast as in days per week, not speed during the run, haha).

This run occurred the morning after drinking a couple of decent sized glasses of wine (not sure if anyone could understand that blog post...I wrote with a stylus in OneNote on my Asus VivoTab 8 and it turned out to read like a mad libs poem type jumble.  I didn't want to mess with the results for fear that I'd ruin the creativity of the handwriting recognition of OneNote).  I figure, if I can get up and have my spoonful of peanut butter, chug a glass of water and eat a couple of Gu Chomps...then run further than ever before on a slight hangover, what's stopping me from doing it on a regular basis?  Or going further still?

Today I had lunch with a friend at Chili's...I overate (like, really overate)...then still managed to stop at the gym on the way home for a short workout before my 8 month old got too mad about the postponement of her next nursing session.

So this part of my life-the fitness part-is going pretty great.  The nutrition is up and down (I write, as I take a swig of my Stella Artois and uncomfortably digest my wings and pizza...but I had a veggie smoothie for breakfast along with eggs, green peppers and whole wheat toast--and we all know Chili's is packed with nutritious ingredients haha).

I haven't written in my book since Wednesday.  Wednesday was a long time ago.  At least I'm writing here, because to be honest, if I wasn't writing in this blog, I wouldn't be writing at all.  No offense to my job (I love what I do and what what I do stands for-it's a great nonprofit) but writing is what I want to do, and on a list of must have priorities, it gets pushed down to the bottom.  And it's one of those lists of really important priorities.  Here, I'll show you:

1.  My kids/family
2.  My job (full time)
3.  My sanity
4.  My health (exercise falls into this category and the third category)
5.  Sleep (the sanity part kind of relies on this one too)
6.  My jewelry shop (Carmella's Jewelry --and this one moves higher on the list during the holiday season...so soon it'll be trumping sanity)
7.  Writing

So, as you can see, this leaves me with very limited time for writing.  And when it does get time, it's that exhausted leftover type time, which leaves little room for quality.

That's where you come in...writing in this blog counts for priority numbers 3 and 7...if I write everyday, it'll help me build that habit.

I've managed to write one full manuscript in my life (even with most of these priorities still making the list...one less kid though, haha).  Now that I think about it, maybe I should consider editing that first manuscript again...try and get it published again, before I spend the next year attempting to write a second.  Eh...it's worth considering again (I've edited it twice already, I just needed to start somewhere fresh, and I like this second book).

Whatever.  I'll figure something out.  It was good to see this list in black and white though, maybe I just need to write first thing in the day everyday from now on.  It doesn't require too much time, and it'd get better quality earlier in the day (I can only assume).

I should stop now.  No one is reading this far into this intimidatingly long post...and if you are, you're yawning.  Good night.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sorry...wine and technology do not mix

Something New
Tonight I'm wiring my blog
pst in my one note application
using my pen behave an Asus
voltage Note 8) and him
going to rely on the hand
writing recognition software.
I'm also drinking wine again
so that might bung another  level difficulty.  element of
So yah, I'm drinking
one again and even bought
•bag of Doritos, which on  devouring with enthusiasm.  and him not exercising for the  second day in a row, whoops
I'm also probably not writing  again tonight. Wow, leanly  cant say em proud of my
behavior right now but maybe
the word recognition will.  make it too incomprehensible  to read. Who an I kidding.  am going to fire the mistakes
it makes.
tm watching House of Cards
with my husband. There's
something addiction about this
show. About the dramatization  of politics. Because isn't it all
jit a big Act?
man, I really love wine.
and then. in the next minute,
in thinking l really shouldn't

drink anymore wine.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I took a day off today from exercising, and because I've been running more lately, I don't feel bad about indulging in some wine and snacks.  Unfortunately, I ate my way through any good snacks in the house and I only had about a glass and a half of wine left in the bottle my husband bought this weekend.  I'd like some more wine and snacks, please.  I'll have to wait until Friday night...the night I really indulge, haha.

Most things annoyed me today.  Not a reason good enough to blame as the culprit, so I hope this mood swing swings back the other way soon.  I hate moods like this.

I don't see me writing at all in my book tonight.  Annoying.  Everything is pissing me off to.

Google just told me that I've logged out of another location and is asking whether I'd like to log in again.  I guess?

Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Heroic Shin

I dreamed about blogging last night.  I was making lists and coming up with topics, putting up hilarious and really well written posts daily, feeling like this blog was the answer to all my writing hopes and dreams.  And here I am now, writing my second day in a row.  The dreams had that lingering effect throughout the day, putting me in a good mood even if they weren't really true, because they had that possibility of becoming true.

Anyway...I had to work from home today after my younger daughter got sick several times this morning.  She has been okay most of the day but I really expected one of those high maintenance illness type days.  Luckily, that wasn't the type of day it turned out to be.  She's a very low maintenance type baby, so I was able to do a lot of work.

There was this one moment of the day where I saw that she was pooping in her diaper and could literally see the poop not staying in the diaper.  I put my laptop on the chair and picked her up (making sure not to get poop on me or her clothes) and quickly went towards her room where the changing table is.  Unfortunately, I only made it about 4 steps before I was cringing in pain and trying to keep from dropping her as I tripped into and over her car seat.  I could neither see nor remember leaving it there, right in the way, for anyone to trip over, and my heroic shin, which steadied me by crunching itself into the hard plastic, is now swollen with a goose egg.

Can you run after banging your shin so hard? My husband thinks it should be fine, so I'm going to go out for the run I planned with my dog, Ike, after the kids go to bed.

The new iPhone was announced today.  And the iWatch.  If you find my old blog, you'll see that I've always been a huge fan of all things Apple...but after too many features have been absent on my Apple devices that are available with others (like the Windows Asus tablet I'm using to type this blog on) and the Samsung Note 4 that I plan to buy when it's available, I've gone almost completely away from owning anything Apple.  My husband has an iMac, and I have a profile on that computer, but once I switch from my iPhone 5 over to the new Note 4, that'll be the only thing Apple I'll be using.  I've mostly given my iPad Mini to my 3 year old (she turns 4 next week!).

You'll also see, if you've found my old blog, that I'm kind of disgusting when it comes to owning too many devices.  Whatever.

Still on my to do list for tonight:
1.  Run with Ike (3+ miles depending on how I'm feeling?)
2.  Maybe some yoga in the closet...it's the quietest room in the house
3.  Write between 250 and 500 words in my book

I'm big on lists (one of the reasons I'm switching to the Note 4...I can literally write lists with their cool SPen).

Monday, September 8, 2014

There's still time, right?

I'm wondering now if my bluetooth keyboard, which is sporadic sometimes in its doubling up of letters, has caused me to enter the web address for this blog incorrectly.  It's late though, so I was too lazy to really give it a good look, but already I've had two words get double letters and I've only written a couple of sentences.  Three words.  Sentences got two cs.  Alsoo, (I'm leaving it in, that's the fourth word now), it's not actually late (only 9:50 pm) but I have two children, one of which is a toddler and the other is still a baby, so I have the right to call anytime after 8 pm late.  I don't think anyone would argue.

Speaking of time.  The reason I came up with the title of this blog is because I'm sitting here, wracking my brain, trying to put into a short, little title-worthy blurb the whole idea of what I want to write about here.  And that's the only combination of words that still had an available web address (which is why I'd actually be slightly annoyed if it was only available because I spelled it wrong with my keyboard's double letters).  So yea.  Theree's (jesus!) still time, right?  I'm 31 years old.  There's still time to feel proud of my accomplishments in life, right?  (Yes, I LOVE my children and I feel an immense amount of worth and pride when I look at them, but that has nothing to do with what I'm saying here).  There's still time to write a book that people want to read, right?  Still time to accomplish something so that I stop feeling like I haven't done enough yet, right?

I've got to start writing everyday.  So even if no one ever reads this blog, it'll be a place I go everyday to write something, anything.  Regardless of how much it is, I want to do it everyday.  As a way to express things I'm doing, things I'm reading, things I'm writing, things I'm happy about, sad about...things.  I'll just write whatever things come to mind.  Which is working just fine so far.

So good night, and I'll see you tomorrow (and if I don't, it's safe to assume I'll never see you again, ha).