Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Such a slacker

This week has got to be a record for procrastination on my part.  I'm not exactly slacking off--I'm busy from the moment I wake up in the morning...around 6:30 depending on my this moment in the evening.  So that's 14 hours straight of doing stuff.  I have moments here and moments there where I'm able to chat with a coworker about things that don't involve work, and I have moments throughout the day where I'm multitasking and part of my tasks are for fun (like reading while I breastfeed or listening to a podcast while I vacuum), but I'm pretty freakin busy.  Even on the weekends.  The procrastination comes into play when my kids are asleep at bedtime or naptime.  I should be making jewelry, but I just don't have it in me.  I will, I've been getting bits and pieces done so I won't be miserably rushing to get it out after this weekend, but when I decided I wasn't going to finish it this past weekend I made a deal with my future self (the me sitting here writing) that I'd work in the evenings on getting it done so I wouldn't have to do it this upcoming weekend.  Obviously, that hasn't happened.  Maybe I can get myself to work on it tomorrow night.  Yea...that's what I'll do.  Tonight I got both kids bathed, vacuumed the floors and gave myself the rest of the night off.  And it's too late to mentally motivate myself to get back there and work on it now.  Tomorrow.  I'll work on it tomorrow night.  There, it's out there in the world and if I don't do it tomorrow, I'll have to write down that I didn't do it and I'll feel bad.  It's why I make myself lists half the time, not because I'll forget to do something but because I'll be motivating myself to do it by having to look at it when I'm crossing other things off and I'll end up feeling unaccomplished if there's anything left.  Kind of like the way looking at yourself in the mirror makes you feel guilty when you're doing something you shouldn't be doing.

I'm so tired, I could go to sleep...and it's only 8:30.  I'm going to read...I've been reading the same book for a ridiculously long time...months.  It's good, but so long.  And I'm a terribly slow reader so it's a bad combination.  I should go read in bed because I know I'll wake up at 4 am on the couch if I try reading out here.  Tomorrow is Thursday, which is only a day before Friday, which is my favorite day of the week.  And this is the last weekend I have to spend without my husband...he'll be home next Friday.  Finally.

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