Thursday, October 2, 2014

What a Great Day.

Today was one of those days that makes me feel totally at ease with the world by the time I'm ready for bed.  I feel no guilt for how I spent my time.  The girls both woke up with cool foreheads, I was finally able to take them both to daycare, and I was finally able to go the office for work.  Spent a full day getting a lot accomplished and catching up on things I'd been putting off (I'm really thriving under the new management style).  Got to daycare a few minutes early, which gave me a chance to go to the base exchange for some cough medicine for all three of us (this illness has had several phases, and mine is now at the coughing stage, so I'm now fully prepared for the same in my girls).  Got stopped at 5 pm in the parking lot, too far from my car and the store to make a run for it either way.  In case you don't know what I'm talking about, if you're ever on a military base and you hear the National Anthem start playing, you have to stop, find the nearest American flag, face it and have your hand on your heart for the entirety of the song.  And now you you won't just think you're witnessing some really boring flash mob if you ever experience this.  Oh, and if you're driving when the song starts, you have to stop your car.  It's very patriotic.

So after getting home with the girls, I decided to run on the treadmill.  I got ready thinking I'd just do a set amount of time (30 minutes? 3 miles?).  While I was going, I felt so good I decided to break some kind of record.  So I tonight on my treadmill I ran my personal record for furthest distance consecutively (and non-consecutively for that matter) ever...5 miles.  Makes me want to try going 10, haha.  And I felt completely fine afterward.  I still do.  Still have the same old cough, same old lower back pain, no extra soreness or exhaustion.

Then I made (or heated up) dinner for everyone, got both girls to bed, showered and read for about an hour.  Oh, and I finished making two bracelets for myself.  I'll list them on my jewelry shop one of these days.

I now plan to go to bed.

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