Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Keyboard

I returned the keyboard and have another (same one).

Gotta say, my worry over this whole Ebola situation is starting to spin out of control.  I'm mostly convinced that we're all going to die from it in about a month.  Flu season is right around the corner...how many people are going to have the flu that think they have Ebola or vice versa?  I just can't stop thinking of worst-case scenarios.  It's pretty scary, I don't care how overblown you think the whole thing is.

I'm so tired...I slept horribly after the keyboard situation.  I was right in the middle of doing yoga (this special one I found on YouTube for stress relief, which has to be ironic, right?).  Then I gave up and never got any relief for this crazy lower back/sciatica pain I was having.  I ran on the treadmill for 5.8 miles, which I think aggravated the pains.  I feel better today but I slept horribly.

So I'm going to stop here...my dog is barking at nothing but he's probably pissing off the neighbors, so I should go deal with that.

Good night.

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