Saturday, October 18, 2014

Best Day Ever

I went to the gym again today...shockingly...and it'll probably be the last time.  They felt so bad for screwing me over like they did that they offered me another 2 weeks of free trial gym visits.  I had to explain the whole situation to the manager on duty today because she didn't read her email from the other manager that offered me the additional two weeks and I just don't want to deal with having to rehash the whole thing every time I go to the gym...while I stand there with my kids at the front desk, people signing in behind me like I'm a charity case.  So that's enough of that.  I had a good time while I was there a good workout.  Then we came home and I had renewed motivation to work on the book I wrote a couple of years ago (really?  it has been a couple of years already??).  I have a new plan with it and just need to get started.  Kids took a nap while I worked on jewelry (finally).  When they woke up I played pleasantly with my 4 year old in the yard while the baby watched us and giggled from her car seat.  Then we walked to the grocery store where I bought cheese curls, a frozen pizza and ice cream.  On the walk home my older asked if we could watch Frozen while we ate our snacks.  I thought that was a great idea so I put it on while we ate cheese curls and the baby played in her jumper.  Then it was time for pizza so I dragged out the princess toddler table and put it in front of the television, we watched while we ate dinner.  Then I made a deal that we wouldn't have ice cream until the big snowmonster started chasing Ana and Cristof (sp?) out of the ice palace.  As soon as Elsa created that guy my girl said ''can we have ice cream now?" we did.  Afterward we finished out the movie with both girls on my lap.  It was perfect.  The whole day.

And now I'm watching a movie I rented called 'Like Crazy''s not bad so far...the female protagonist is an aspiring writer, so you know, I like it.

Plus I have a huge appreciation for this keyboard/tablet combo I've got going on now.  It truly makes my tablet feel like a laptop and still allows for the convenience to disconnect the two in less than a second.  I've been using it almost nonstop.  So I'm feeling extremely satisfied with life at the moment...and my husband gets back in less than a week.

I love adding wonderful days like today to my memories.

This photo was from the walk we took last night..

Update from an hour later...

That movie was one of the horrible dreaded ones with no ending.  I HATE when a movie ends without closure.  HATE it.  It's lazy and unoriginal and extremely annoying.  

It was still an amazing day,  I'm the luckiest mother in the world and I can't wait for more days like today with my girls.  But that movie was stupid.

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