Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gilmore Girls

So I worked on jewelry...sort of...I should have done more, but I didn't neglect it, so I don't feel bad about it.  I edited the fingerprints I received, which was daunting, and was probably the thing that kept me from getting started.  So that's where I stalled, but it's ready to print and turn into 3D stamps, which will then get pressed into metal clay, which will then get fired in the kiln, then polished and attached to the chain or what-have-you.

I'm watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix while I write this....I'm so glad this show is available now, finally.  I never watched more than a dozen episodes when it was on the WB a decade ago and I'm not willing to pay for seasons on DVDs or iTunes when I already pay for services like Hulu and Netflix, so I just kept wanting to watch this series but accepting the fact that I wasn't able to.

I'm finding some holes already, which I like, because I always wonder how long series keep their stories straight.  For instance, why does Rory have the same last name as her mother?  Isn't it typical that even if the mother and father are unwed, the child gets the father's last name?  Maybe I'm just ignorant.  And just now, Lorelai said she had Rory during a snowstorm, but they already had Rory's birthday and it was early fall...I find it hard to believe there was a freak snowstorm that time of year, even in Connecticut, but I guess it's possible.  So maybe they're not holes.  Great show though.

It's fun watching shows that were made before DVR...when a break for commercial is coming they actually come up with mini-finales that don't transition smoothly to the next scene, but wrap up whatever scene was happening before the commercial.  I love it.

!!! She just got a PAGE on her PAGER!  What year did this come out?  She mentioned streaming video on the internet, was there really a time when those two things overlapped?

I'll stop, I'm up late...I'll just finish this episode :)

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