Monday, September 8, 2014

There's still time, right?

I'm wondering now if my bluetooth keyboard, which is sporadic sometimes in its doubling up of letters, has caused me to enter the web address for this blog incorrectly.  It's late though, so I was too lazy to really give it a good look, but already I've had two words get double letters and I've only written a couple of sentences.  Three words.  Sentences got two cs.  Alsoo, (I'm leaving it in, that's the fourth word now), it's not actually late (only 9:50 pm) but I have two children, one of which is a toddler and the other is still a baby, so I have the right to call anytime after 8 pm late.  I don't think anyone would argue.

Speaking of time.  The reason I came up with the title of this blog is because I'm sitting here, wracking my brain, trying to put into a short, little title-worthy blurb the whole idea of what I want to write about here.  And that's the only combination of words that still had an available web address (which is why I'd actually be slightly annoyed if it was only available because I spelled it wrong with my keyboard's double letters).  So yea.  Theree's (jesus!) still time, right?  I'm 31 years old.  There's still time to feel proud of my accomplishments in life, right?  (Yes, I LOVE my children and I feel an immense amount of worth and pride when I look at them, but that has nothing to do with what I'm saying here).  There's still time to write a book that people want to read, right?  Still time to accomplish something so that I stop feeling like I haven't done enough yet, right?

I've got to start writing everyday.  So even if no one ever reads this blog, it'll be a place I go everyday to write something, anything.  Regardless of how much it is, I want to do it everyday.  As a way to express things I'm doing, things I'm reading, things I'm writing, things I'm happy about, sad about...things.  I'll just write whatever things come to mind.  Which is working just fine so far.

So good night, and I'll see you tomorrow (and if I don't, it's safe to assume I'll never see you again, ha).

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