Sunday, September 21, 2014

Double bummer.

I'm sitting on my couch in my living room.  We're home from our second annual trip to Disneyland for our daughter's birthday.  It's not so much that we're spoiling our daughter as it is that it's an easy drive to one of the happiest places on Earth, and we'll only be this close for another year or so before my husband's Air Force career takes us somewhere else.  I would probably be writing this from my bed if it weren't for the load of laundry that needed to get done tonight so our daughter can have a blanket for her nap tomorrow at daycare.

So, I didn't run or exercise at all on the trip.  Ha.  Damn it.  I did walk an average of at least 8 miles each day if my husband's google search of how many steps are in a mile was accurate.  That's almost the distance of a marathon over the whole trip.  I'm mostly just pissed at myself for missing out on the experience of exercising on the trip.

I have very fond memories of exercising on vacations. There was the time I was moving from Louisiana to Pennsylvania and drove up by myself a few days before my husband left so I could make it to a friend's wedding.  I ran on a treadmill in the crappy fitness center in a cheap Holiday Inn somewhere around the halfway point.  Afterward I had no guilt getting a nice dinner and watching a movie in my room.  And there was the time in Pennsylvania when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I got up early to run/walk on the treadmill in the impressively large fitness center in a resort while I was there for a work conference.  Memories I really cherish, and I wanted to add one of running around Downtown Disney a few times, but I was too exhausted/lazy to get out of bed either day to add it to my list.

It was a fun trip though...the birthday girl was a lot more opinionated this time and complained half the time, but our younger one was pleasant and really content to just watch people from the stroller.  I breastfed in public almost a dozen times, which was awesome.  I used to be so afraid to do that with my first go around, but I've become such a pro at it that even I can't see any of my own business while she eats, sans nursing blanket.  I just pull the nursing cami down under my shirt, lift my shirt to the perfect spot, she latches and eats and Disney guests are none the wiser.  I saw lots of other nursing mommies around too, and I always tried to make eye contact and smile.  They probably thought I was crazy.

So two Disney trips down, maybe one more to go?  We're not staying in a Disney resort again if that's the case...I think they took a couple of our arms and legs before we left.  Worse than the way airlines suck your wallet dry.

On a total side note...
I WILL NEVER BUY A FIAT.  Their commercials lately make me curse...a lot...even when my kids are in ear shot.  

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