Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Alone

I actually have two adorable little girls and an awesome 80 lb lab/husky mix hanging out with me, but when everyone but me is asleep, I feel like it's way too quiet in this house.  Even with Real Time with Bill Maher in my face.  I've never watched this before but I'm liberal and there's literally nothing else on TV right now.  I'm keeping an open mind and it's updating me on the current events trending in the news...I feel like I have no time for anything other than kids, work and ...hey, he's coming to Arizona... jewelry.

So yea, I'm feeling busy.  I left my house this morning at 4:50 to take my husband to the airport.  Daughters came too.  Got home at 6, left again at 7 to get them to the daycare, then spent 1.5 hours driving to Chandler, AZ for a training.  Training was very informative, then went back to daycare and got back home again at 5:30.  So right now, I'm exhausted.  Too tired to write anymore.  Good night.. Sorry for the abrupt wrap up.

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