Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rain and other things.

It's raining buckets in Phoenix today.  Hopefully the roads don't get as out of control as they did last week.  I'm working on my list of things to pack and do before our trip tomorrow and I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as I feared I would.  For one thing, I got to run before work today (3.3 miles!  Slow pace though...however I started my run on my Nike app and then stood around stretching for a minute or two so I can tell myself the speed must have been miscalculated...right?).  That leaves tonight wide open for getting this list done.  And then we leave first thing tomorrow morning :)  I'm pretty darn excited.

Tomorrow night we're staying in a hotel about a mile from the park, but it's the same place we stayed in last year for our trip, and it's just for the first night.  Friday we'll check-in to one of the hotels in Downtown Disney and then enjoy the amenities there.

For me...I'm looking forward to the break from the job/jewelry/house stuff I deal with everyday.  I've got big plans to take exercise outfits for at least two workouts, possibly three, and I want to see about going for a run in the morning in the Downtown Disney area on Saturday morning.  I'll try the hotel gym on Friday morning maybe.  Who am I kidding, I'll be lucky if I get out of the room for one workout..haha.  I really like believing that I'll exercise/run at least twice though (maybe three times).  The walking will definitely count and will likely be the way I talk myself out of exercise.

I've got my handy little Asus tablet (love that thing), which is stocked with magazines and episodes of Castle (I seriously love that thing).  I've got my kindle, where I'm currently 60% done with Goldfinch by Donna Tart (lovely book but it's taking me FOREVER to get through it).  Plus we're driving our huge minivan, so I don't feel bad about overpacking.

So I'm excited...and in a little over 12 hours, we'll be on our way :)

Time to start packing!

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