Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I can't handle the stress

I went for a run this morning...3.15 miles at 11:10ish speed (not bad for me).  Then I came home for a refreshing shower.  When I was done massaging the conditioner out of my hair (following the shampoo), I moved some of my loose hair from the drain and uncovered a very unwelcome shower partner...an Arizona bark scorpion.  I think I have a bit of PTSD...I almost fell out of the shower, then screamed, then almost fainted, then pulled myself together and killed it with my face wash bottle.  I'm still shuddering.  I will be for weeks.

And my husband leaves tomorrow morning.  We're driving him to the airport extremely early and I won't see him again for FOUR WEEKS.  That's way too long.

My day job changed up a bit...we no longer have an assistant executive director, which was a sudden and unexpected change.

I hope I fall into a manageable routine with jewelry, work, daughters and house relatively easily, but I'm afraid the phrase 'not enough hours in a day' will take on new meaning for me over the next few weeks.

Maybe I'll search for a how-to for managing time more efficiently...

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