Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I was talking with a friend and I've come to a decision on what I want to do with my writing.  Though it really pains me to give up on a project, I've decided to put the current book on pause and go back to edit the previous one again one more time (haha, right).

9:10 pm

I got distracted and am just now getting a chance to finish this post.  I don't feel the same enthusiasm right now for my declaration from earlier today.  I want to, but I just don't feel like I have time for any goals in writing right now.  Of course, I write this change of heart after finally finishing a day jam packed full of a gym trip, work, wrapping presents, throwing a mini birthday party for my daughter, getting a fussy baby to bed then polishing and finishing 4 keychains so I could get them in the mail tomorrow.  I'm almost falling asleep at the table as I type this.  It's only 9:20.  And I haven't even thought of packing yet even though I plan to go for a long run tomorrow night, which only leaves me with about an hour of time to get ready for a 4 day trip with two kids and myself (my husband can pack for himself, ha).

Oh well, like I said yesterday (was it yesterday?), it is what it is.  The jewelry part of my week turned out great.  I ended up getting that package yesterday, which was terrific because I was able to fire those keychains last night.  I freakin love White CopprClay by the way.  LOVE it.  I've used it to make almost a dozen keychains so far and each one turns out terrific.  It's about a third of the cost of silver clay...maybe even a sixth of the cost?  The amount of time it takes me to make things with it is the same but the fact that the product itself is so much less expensive makes it easier for me to list larger items in my shop (like the keychains) without having to charge an arm and a leg for them.  I really need to get more creative with it now that I find it so reliable (I've had a lot of issues with White Bronze, which was my first exciting venture into a cheaper silver colored metal).

I'm rambling and I'm seriously exhausted.  Time to feed the dogs and wake my husband up so he can go from the couch to the bed.

Happy Fourth Birthday to my wonderful daughter.  I can't believe how fast this time has gone....I couldn't be more proud of her.  I always tell them both, I'm the luckiest mommy in the world.

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