Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Heroic Shin

I dreamed about blogging last night.  I was making lists and coming up with topics, putting up hilarious and really well written posts daily, feeling like this blog was the answer to all my writing hopes and dreams.  And here I am now, writing my second day in a row.  The dreams had that lingering effect throughout the day, putting me in a good mood even if they weren't really true, because they had that possibility of becoming true.

Anyway...I had to work from home today after my younger daughter got sick several times this morning.  She has been okay most of the day but I really expected one of those high maintenance illness type days.  Luckily, that wasn't the type of day it turned out to be.  She's a very low maintenance type baby, so I was able to do a lot of work.

There was this one moment of the day where I saw that she was pooping in her diaper and could literally see the poop not staying in the diaper.  I put my laptop on the chair and picked her up (making sure not to get poop on me or her clothes) and quickly went towards her room where the changing table is.  Unfortunately, I only made it about 4 steps before I was cringing in pain and trying to keep from dropping her as I tripped into and over her car seat.  I could neither see nor remember leaving it there, right in the way, for anyone to trip over, and my heroic shin, which steadied me by crunching itself into the hard plastic, is now swollen with a goose egg.

Can you run after banging your shin so hard? My husband thinks it should be fine, so I'm going to go out for the run I planned with my dog, Ike, after the kids go to bed.

The new iPhone was announced today.  And the iWatch.  If you find my old blog, you'll see that I've always been a huge fan of all things Apple...but after too many features have been absent on my Apple devices that are available with others (like the Windows Asus tablet I'm using to type this blog on) and the Samsung Note 4 that I plan to buy when it's available, I've gone almost completely away from owning anything Apple.  My husband has an iMac, and I have a profile on that computer, but once I switch from my iPhone 5 over to the new Note 4, that'll be the only thing Apple I'll be using.  I've mostly given my iPad Mini to my 3 year old (she turns 4 next week!).

You'll also see, if you've found my old blog, that I'm kind of disgusting when it comes to owning too many devices.  Whatever.

Still on my to do list for tonight:
1.  Run with Ike (3+ miles depending on how I'm feeling?)
2.  Maybe some yoga in the closet...it's the quietest room in the house
3.  Write between 250 and 500 words in my book

I'm big on lists (one of the reasons I'm switching to the Note 4...I can literally write lists with their cool SPen).

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