Thursday, September 11, 2014 and technology do not mix

Something New
Tonight I'm wiring my blog
pst in my one note application
using my pen behave an Asus
voltage Note 8) and him
going to rely on the hand
writing recognition software.
I'm also drinking wine again
so that might bung another  level difficulty.  element of
So yah, I'm drinking
one again and even bought
•bag of Doritos, which on  devouring with enthusiasm.  and him not exercising for the  second day in a row, whoops
I'm also probably not writing  again tonight. Wow, leanly  cant say em proud of my
behavior right now but maybe
the word recognition will.  make it too incomprehensible  to read. Who an I kidding.  am going to fire the mistakes
it makes.
tm watching House of Cards
with my husband. There's
something addiction about this
show. About the dramatization  of politics. Because isn't it all
jit a big Act?
man, I really love wine.
and then. in the next minute,
in thinking l really shouldn't

drink anymore wine.

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