Saturday, September 13, 2014

When part of my life excels, another part is neglected.

Yesterday morning was my longest consecutive run in my whole life. I ran 4.21 miles (I'm took me over 38 minutes).  I took my dog, Ike, and he kept up but I definitely wore him out.  I felt so good at the end, I thought I'd be able to add another mile or two, but I don't want to overdo it and end up with shin splints or runners knee, both of which I've gotten after adding too much, too fast (fast as in days per week, not speed during the run, haha).

This run occurred the morning after drinking a couple of decent sized glasses of wine (not sure if anyone could understand that blog post...I wrote with a stylus in OneNote on my Asus VivoTab 8 and it turned out to read like a mad libs poem type jumble.  I didn't want to mess with the results for fear that I'd ruin the creativity of the handwriting recognition of OneNote).  I figure, if I can get up and have my spoonful of peanut butter, chug a glass of water and eat a couple of Gu Chomps...then run further than ever before on a slight hangover, what's stopping me from doing it on a regular basis?  Or going further still?

Today I had lunch with a friend at Chili's...I overate (like, really overate)...then still managed to stop at the gym on the way home for a short workout before my 8 month old got too mad about the postponement of her next nursing session.

So this part of my life-the fitness part-is going pretty great.  The nutrition is up and down (I write, as I take a swig of my Stella Artois and uncomfortably digest my wings and pizza...but I had a veggie smoothie for breakfast along with eggs, green peppers and whole wheat toast--and we all know Chili's is packed with nutritious ingredients haha).

I haven't written in my book since Wednesday.  Wednesday was a long time ago.  At least I'm writing here, because to be honest, if I wasn't writing in this blog, I wouldn't be writing at all.  No offense to my job (I love what I do and what what I do stands for-it's a great nonprofit) but writing is what I want to do, and on a list of must have priorities, it gets pushed down to the bottom.  And it's one of those lists of really important priorities.  Here, I'll show you:

1.  My kids/family
2.  My job (full time)
3.  My sanity
4.  My health (exercise falls into this category and the third category)
5.  Sleep (the sanity part kind of relies on this one too)
6.  My jewelry shop (Carmella's Jewelry --and this one moves higher on the list during the holiday soon it'll be trumping sanity)
7.  Writing

So, as you can see, this leaves me with very limited time for writing.  And when it does get time, it's that exhausted leftover type time, which leaves little room for quality.

That's where you come in...writing in this blog counts for priority numbers 3 and 7...if I write everyday, it'll help me build that habit.

I've managed to write one full manuscript in my life (even with most of these priorities still making the less kid though, haha).  Now that I think about it, maybe I should consider editing that first manuscript again...try and get it published again, before I spend the next year attempting to write a second.'s worth considering again (I've edited it twice already, I just needed to start somewhere fresh, and I like this second book).

Whatever.  I'll figure something out.  It was good to see this list in black and white though, maybe I just need to write first thing in the day everyday from now on.  It doesn't require too much time, and it'd get better quality earlier in the day (I can only assume).

I should stop now.  No one is reading this far into this intimidatingly long post...and if you are, you're yawning.  Good night.

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