Monday, September 22, 2014

Lots of things...

Life is about to get a bit out of whack.  Husband going away for 4 weeks for a work thing...boss quit (?) today.  Those two things are going to create such a ripple effect in my life that I can hardly think straight enough to get a grip on things.  I've got no grip at the moment.  A routine will set in, I hope quickly, but for right now, I'm just feeling like a tight clumsy jumble of anxiety.

And I still haven't exercised since last Wednesday.  Unless I get up and run with the dog in the morning or take him out tomorrow evening, I won't get to again for over 4 weeks.  I have the double jogging stroller situation worked out, I think, but I'm not as excited about that as I wanted to be.  I should be, I guess, but I'm really not in any condition to feel anything other than anxiety.  Sadly, writing about it is only mildly helping...and it's late, so I need to go to bed.

... Good night ...

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