Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fastest 5K Ever...and slacked in all areas of my life, again

My day went really similar to the way it went yesterday.  I did eat a lot healthier though.  I had a great run this morning (despite the 4 beers and pizza/wings waking me up at 2am and threatening to come back up...somehow I willed myself to keep it down and eventually fell back to sleep).

After the run I wrote up my weekly to-do list.  Unfortunately, I only finished about half of the list because I got distracted by basically everything.  And looking back, I realize that everything I allowed to distract me fell into the exercise category of my life.  Base Exchange for running pants.  Research online for double strollers, realizing the hand-me-down in the garage will work fine.  Spending upwards of 2 hours figuring out how to use said hand-me-down and attempting to fix one of the flat tires (still not done with that...need to get a tube with an angled valve...or something).

I didn't: vacuum the floors or mop the kitchen or clean the toilets or do yoga or make the fingerprint stamp....So that part of my long list is being pushed to tomorrow before work in the morning and after work tomorrow evening.  It's going to be a busy day because buy tube with angled valve is now on the list.

At least I feel good from the run.  And I'm going to bed early, feeling fresh and hoping I can get up bright and early and knock a couple of things off that list.  Thursday morning we're packing up the vehicle and going to Disneyland for a long weekend.  I'm finally getting excited about it.  And our little baby girl is turning FOUR on Tuesday.  BUSY week ahead.  I feel like I'll working off of one mile long to-do list for the next 3 full days.

Time for that early bedtime.

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