Monday, November 3, 2014

I am exhausted. Day 3.

I'm sure I'll get better at staying awake to write at night.  For the first time (from what I can remember) I wrote out part of a dream I started having about sponsors at work.  Wrote the word sponsor into my book after saying it in my dream to my boss.  That was a fun kind of first.  I got a second wind, but only after eating a small meal consisting of junk food (a blow pop, lightly salted Lay's potato chips and a box of dark chocolate yogurt covered raisins...I feel slightly sick now and I'm only barely keeping my eyes open, but it got me through my goal word count so I guess the calories were worth it?).

So here I am on Day 3...

And it's only 11:15.  Maybe a later cup of coffee will help tomorrow night?  I had a cup tonight but it was over 5 hours ago.  I really hope I don't gain 20 pounds this month using food to keep me from passing out on my keyboard.

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