Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 17

I'm really really loving this experience, and the book I'm working on.  Which at day 17 is probably a good sign.  Up until this month I've only ever tried writing young adult and this project is making me wonder if that's not the voice I'm meant to be writing.  It could just be the amount I'm writing everyday, but I've been thinking about my project a lot more throughout the day now than I remember doing with the last manuscript I wrote.  And I'm thinking about it like I think about a good book I'm reading.  I don't mean that to sound vein or presumptuous...I just feel like I'm connecting more with this type of writing than anything else I've done up until now.  So I'm excited to look back and reread what I've accomplished this month.

So here's yesterday's part 2:

And today's totals:

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