Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day 8

I fell a little behind yesterday, having written only 932 words.  Today I did my regular amount of around 1700 then realized I forgot to put my words in from yesterday, so that chart is a little off.  Whoops.  My bad.

And tonight I'm feeling pretty great about my stuff so far.  It's a roller coaster, one day I'll feel like I do right now (I'm the best writer on this planet) and other days (most days) I'll feel like I should do everyone a favor and stop this ridiculous time-consuming hobby.  There's really rarely any in-between days.  I guess the in-between days are the ones where I'm not doing any writing.  I feel like I should be writing, but I have no strong opinion about the quality of the writing I produce.

So right now I'm writing more than I've ever written before (except when I was really pushing to finish that book a couple of years ago) and I'm feeling (so far) pretty good about the quality.

Hopefully I can keep it up.

Good night :)

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