Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 9 Parts 1 and 2

I had kind of an awesome day with the writing.  Hang on a second.  This may have been the fullest day I've had in every regard of my life, ever.  Recapping..I woke up (terrible night of sleep), made a list (detailed down to the time in which I needed to get everything done), started...
Nursed Abby
Picked out photos for Abby's spotlight board at daycare
Had breakfast and wrote for about 20 minutes
Went for a run with the dog (3.1 miles)
Took a shower
Gave Abby an early lunch
Nursed Abby for her nap
Went to Barnes n Noble and wrote for an hour and a half
Went to Walmart to pick up the photos and other various items
Got home just in time for Steve to leave for work
Cleaned, mopped, put away dishes, made the spotlight board collage thing, folded clothes, got some finished jewelry sanded and fired in the kiln, nursed Abby, played with Jane, gave Jane a bath, helped Steve put away groceries he picked up on way home from work, pumped, ate dinner, nursed Abby for bedtime, finally sat down to read for fun (Unbroken...finally), half watched an episode of Homeland, then finished out the day with another 2 hours of writing.

Part One:
 Part Two;

So now I'm going to bed.

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