Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I Loathe the End of a Weekend

There is so much going on at my job right now that even the shimmer of a glimpse of the workload has me holding my breath and feeling the panic rise.  Then I back away from the glimpse and remember to take it all one day at a time and I feel better.  Even writing those sentences was a little scary.  I'm losing sleep over it, which is annoying.

In the writing area of my life, I couldn't be happier.  If only I had more time, that is.  I've got a dozen writing goals and aspirations laid out in front of me and I'm thoroughly enjoying the idea of picking and choosing which of these enjoyable tasks I'd like to tackle each day and night.  I'm rereading the manuscript I finished for NaNoWriMo and tonight I got through an exceptionally well written chapter (obviously, this is my opinion, which could be complete crap along with the writing quality, but I've read a lot of books and I personally feel as though it has a lot of potential).  So my mood in the writing area of my life is very positive at the moment.

Unfortunately, my family life is on the verge of some kind of virus or bug.  My poor birthday girl (who turned one yesterday!  Can't get over the 'last year at this time' moments I've been having the past week) is sick.  She had a pretty yucky fever and was coughing a lot this evening, and I have a bad feeling that this is only the brink of the thing.  And who knows if the rest of us are doomed.  They say the flu vaccine is only 50% effective this year.  I sure hope that little girl feels better soon. It sucks to be a worrying mom...the shimmers of glimpses of worst case scenarios when my kids are sick or hurt give me shudders.

So I ran 4 miles today...I wanted to do more but my body wouldn't let me (I was really my brain convincing me that my body was the culprit).  Then tonight I did about 20 minutes worth of yoga.  Not much, but I feel much less achy, so it's a win.

Now on to some kind of writing?  Maybe not...I'm so exhausted.  If there is a bug in my system, brewing until its incubation period is all good and gone, I'm going to appreciate myself more if I got a good night sleep tonight.

So never mind, writing part of my day (I'm so sorry).  Good night.

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