Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Almost Done with Day 5 - Whole30 Craving Woes

For most of each day, I'm proud of myself almost all of the time, but there are moments where I get such insane cravings that I feel like I might actually literally lose control and eat a gummy bear or bag of goldfish or my arm sprinkled with sugar. I'm usually not hungry and I'm 90% sure I'm eating just about the same amount of calories as I was before this program, but my body really really wants those processed, sugary, indulgent more damn grilled chicken! 

These cravings, though they're tough and really making me test my willpower, are reminding me that this program is working. There's a conditioning going on in my brain that is resetting the thoughts that tell me: "eat it, you deserve it, you work so hard and it makes you happy, so just do it". With enough days in a row of telling those thoughts "no, find something else to help you unwind and de-stress", I think I'll be able to process stress and emotions with ways that don't involve food or alcohol.  I hope! That's the plan, at least. 

So I swear to god, I was just browsing Google Images for a funny image to plug into this post when I found this:
Clearly the Day 5 cravings are normal

Now it's time for some Whole30 dinner ( least I don't have to cook! That's been half the battle so far for this girl who usually never steps foot in the kitchen for anything other than a "quick snack" from the cupboard or a cup of coffee/wine).

Maybe I'll just go to bed really, really early so I can be on Day 6's gonna get easier, it has to, ha.

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