Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thanks Apple!

So they replaced my happy!!!  And right now I'm trying to renew my morning's motivation.  Not that I'm teetering too far from sticking to my new plan (well...after the 6 pack of beer, pizza, snacks and Steelers Playoff Game...I guess that's not really true).  I keep hyping up evenings like this...knowing I'm going to eat and drink a lot so then when I do eat and drink a lot, I go overboard and waste all the fun building it up and end up feeling sick to my stomach for half the night.

My kids are about to go to bed, so of course they're creating a final colossal mess in this house, like they're marking their territory.  Abby is so tired, she's falling asleep on the pirate ship pillows her sister is setting up on the living room floor.  She turns 2 tomorrow.  Two years ago at this time I was in labor...the doctor had broken my water and I was starting real contractions.  I made it about 2 hours before I asked for the epidural.  That was disappointing but not really surprising.  Pushing a baby out is terrifying, think about it, for real.  And it's not like I've ever been morally opposed to drugs.

Love these girls.

Good night...hoping for the second wind in a couple of hours.

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