Monday, January 4, 2016

It's Shingles

The doctor at the urgent care clinic only had to look at my rash for about 2 seconds before he confirmed the diagnosis.  He prescribed me an anti-viral medication, a steroid, and two types of pain medication.  I took one of the pain meds tonight and it hasn't kicked in at all yet.  I'm hoping it does soon because in the 24 hours since I posted last, the pain has become 100% worse.  There's a pinching muscle pain like I pulled the muscle under my shoulder blade and there's a burning pain in the area the skin has the no fun at all.  Basically my whole left torso feels like it's on fire.  Okay...after about 30 minutes since taking my pain pill, the pain is dulling a little bit.  Like 75% now.

Here's photographic proof.  And one thing I didn't really understand when I researched this was what was causing the pain.  That red rash hurts...yes...but the worst pain is in the muscles and deeper than that rash.  Like under the skin all around my torso is tight and all the nerves need to adjust but keep getting caught on each other.  Which is essentially exactly what's happening.

Now I should probably try to get some sleep.  Husband has to get up before 5 tomorrow so I'm going to end up waking up early too.

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