Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016, Day 2

Today was a lot tougher.  When I went to pick up my younger kiddo from daycare they said she's been feeling yucky and that they wanted to check her temperature before I took her home.  101.1.  Poor baby girl (she'll be 3 in January).  I gave her ibuprofen around 6:30 after she laid pathetically on the couch for an hour looking like she wanted to die.  I'm not the type to hold off on the medicine, I was just completely blanking on the fact that she should have something to bring the fever down.  Within almost 30 minutes of taking her medicine she was up eating crackers and drinking milk (yea yea, milk was a bad idea).  She went to bed around 8:30 seeming fine, with a cool forehead and all.  Then at 11:15, when I was about 1,200 in on my word count for the night, I hear coughing coming from one of their rooms.  I'm only hopeful for a second that it's just a mild cough, but then I hear the tell-tale sounds of flemmy coughing...knowing without a doubt that I'm about to be confronted with the thick smell of vomit.  Poor kid threw up all over herself in the bed.  I'll stop detailing the level of grossness because I could definitely go on, and even I can't stand the thought of it.  My hands feel swollen and stiff from all the hand-washing.  She had to get in the bath and was shaking like crazy...I felt so bad for was all through her hair so there was no avoiding the tub.  I bleached it after she got out, which I'm sure plays a factor in how uncomfortably swollen and stiff/dry my fingers are right now.  Luckily for me, and maybe not so luckily for him, my husband gets home tomorrow from his 3 month training in California.  I might only work half the day so I can sleep.  I'm really hoping I don't catch whatever she has.  I don't know what she has, to be honest.  Usually when any of us get the actual stomach bug, we don't get a fever with it, but maybe this is an exception?  She had her flu shot a few weeks ago so I'm assuming it's not that.  She took a bath last night and drank a lot of the gross bath water (she does it all the time, even though I beg her not to).

So after all that, I came here to document that I still hit my word count goal for the day.  Exactly 1,667 words.  It was 1,666 but I added in an unnecessary word when I saw that I was only 1 away from the magic number.

Please don't let my daughter puke anymore...please help her feel better soon!! :( Poor little honey (that's what she would say to a "sick" doll).

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