Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jewelry and shit

I'm so miserable.  I shouldn't be, I really shouldn't...Jewelry has been BOOMING...more sales in the past few weeks than I get all year long, matching the amount I usually have for Christmas.  It has been crazy.  Scary really.  And after all the worrying I did about not having any sales for almost two months...having so many in such a short time has been a real shock.

I'm miserable because of work...and life...and maybe my diet.  I'm trying to eat healthier for the millionth time today and I feel like I just end up going way too far the other way every time I talk myself into this kind of crap.  Whatever.  And work has me stretched so thin, again.  I guess it's fine.

Whatever.  Nothing is really that bad but everything is a little not good, which makes it all feel crappy.  My sister edited my book and I didn't feel good about the feedback.  My job makes me feel overwhelmed.  My jewelry makes me feel the same way.  My kids will always make me feel amazingly fulfilled and in love.  My fucking god, I'm miserable other than that.  Shut up.

Good night.

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